Enter Tokina 11 – 16 mm – F/2.8…

Finally my Tokina 11-16 is here…thanks to a dear friend who brought it over from Malaysia. However it was not possible if not for the tireless effort of my nephew who went around looking for one..syukran2.

Latest addition to the bag...Tokina 11-16mm & CPL

Well this brings me to a new chapter of learning ultra wide angle photography…its really aspiring to see landscape picture of my seniors in Malaysia and brother Dasuki is well worth a special mention. His landscape shots is breathtaking…that 10-22 canon is a dangerous weapon in his hand.

I was eying for the Nikon 12-24mm f/2.8 but hmm… that will cost a bit (+/- RM6K) so the Tokina is the cheapest f/2.8 ultra wide angle lense that I can find..so I’ll put Nikon on the wish list for now.

I also got a CPL filter to test one out. I hear great things about the CPL filter especially nice for very bright situations and hot summer conditions such as Kuwait….its like the lense wearing a polarized sun glasses..stunning.

Well…lets shoot…below is the few images today..testing (without CPL filter)…

Test 01

Testing 01

Testing 02

Testing 03

Well ..lets see how this lense works out but I’m hoping of the best…well at least I’m going to give it my best shot anyway…lol. Below is my favourite shot of the day….


Wish to rent DLSR Lenses in Kuwait?


I just found out that we can actually rent lenses in Kuwait. It occurred to me while looking at a some lenses on my wish list..it would be nice if I can try them out first before committing and buying them..and voila….I found out the website below…

They have lenses for Nikon and Canon although the selection may not very exhaustive but all the popular lenses are there. You just need to provide advance notice of the request to rental and you can get them at a reasonable rate…check them out.

Well..happy looking ……..www.photolenders.com

Cheers guys.

New Photoshop in Town – Al Ghunaim Photography

Well it’s really been a while since I have updated this blog.

This is just a quick one to share that there is a new photo shop in Kuwait City…Al Ghunaim Photo.

Al Ghunaim Photography

The shop sells accessories for now like tripod (Manfrotto etc), camera bags (Nat Geo, Manfrotto etc) and straps like Black Rapids. The guy says that in a couple of months they will start a used camera section…we will have to see.


The shop owner’s commitment is to keep the prices as close as possible to the online prices that all of us are used to….but pretty sure they can’t beat prices in Malaysia…but its nice to have this much needed addition to the photography scene in Kuwait….well done sir.

The shop is in Baitak Tower in Kuwait City but please note that they are closed between 1300 and 1630.

Have a visit a have a look…you never know that you’ll find something you like.


Team Building – Chef Boutique – Great Place, Great People, Great Food..

We had a team building outing recently, our Head of Priority Banking had a great idea to get everybody together and brought us to Chef Boutique…..and you know for what?? Cooking..can you believe it!…some of the guys know zip about cooking..yours truely excluded he he..

Chef Boutique....great place..

Let me tell you a bit about Chef Boutique… great place ..very hip and stylish..and very well equipped..

Preparation stations...

Teaching Chef station..

Cooking stations..

Eating station....he he

The way it works at Chef Boutique is that ; the Chef teach you how to prepare the food, cook the food and then you eat the food..muahahahahaa…we especially liked the last part..

Anyway..turned out to be a GREAAAAT thing….it was Thai course that night and we learned to cooked 3 types of Thai food…Tom Yang Gung..Glass Noodle Salad and Red curry chicken….wow..

Menu of the day...

The ingredients were already prepared for us the Chef taught us step by step how to make each dish..

Ingredients already prepared for each dish...

Chef starting the session...

The guys busy cooking....well may be some more than others..

So we cooked…and cooked..and cooked…below are the results of yours truely cooking..muhahahaha….

My Tom Yum Gung

My Glass Noodle salad...yup..I cooked that..

My Red Curry Chicken....this was really nice..

It was a really good outing after a stressful day at work…the guys had a great time and all thanks to our friend who arranged it…..plus not forgetting Chef Boutique who gave us an unforgettable experience…

In uniform...

We will certainly come back and hungry for more….

Chef Boutique is located in Hateen Area. You can visit their website at www.chefboutique.com.kw and look at the various courses and services that it offers…wonderful place ..trust me.

Victor & Olga...creators & owners of Chef Boutique

11.11.11 – Did you do something worth remembering?

Well…11.11.11 is gone…hope you all did something nice. We did something a different from last year 10.10.10…we went on a family picnic this year. The kids were super exited to be out and about in this lovely weather…yesss I dare say lovely weather…its wonderful. We pitched up tent in the morning and the kids had a blast on, I believe, one of the nicest beach in Kuwait..Green Island.

Kids playing on the beach

Seeing that this is BBQ season, its a crime shall we say if we don’t do one and this time with satay…takes us back to Malaysia..hmm…Hj Samuri satay….he he

Starting the bbq...fuuuh fuuuh

Riyash....bbq ribs

Satay...home made..yummm

We all had fun and by mid-day….everybody was tired although Sofea still wanted to play in the sand.

Family picture for 11-11-11

Faiez, Syam & Kids

Sukri & the twins

So…we called it a day and surely it was a fun family day to remember……

Thank god for the trolley......banyaknye barang nak bawak....uuuhff.

By the way, for those who does not know..

Green Island is a part of the Sea Front constructed in February of 1988. It is the first artificial island in the Gulf region. The island covers an area of 785,000m² with a diameter of 3.14KM and a circumference of 1.5 km. It is linked to the main land by an access way 134 m long.

Green Island ...aerial view

You can rent bicycles and various other type of cycles….great place for rollerblading. They charge an entrance fee of KD1 per person and they are open 7 days a week.

Belt on..belt off..belt on..and on..

For those who travels …and most of us do…don’t you just hate having to take off your belt at the check points before you board a plane  or whenever you pass a airport security check….aish…I just have that…the worst part is putting them back on while collecting all your other stuff from the security counter. I always wondered wouldn’t it be great if the belts were made from plastic so that you don’t have to take them off..

Voila…when I was getting some golf supplies in Malaysia in the summer…I found one…fantastic….tested it out coming back to Kuwait in the summer…wore it all the way and pass all the security check points….not detected…no more belt off….ha ha ha..

my travelling belt…plastic and rubber..

Thank you to mr. manufacturer….and I bought two just in case….lol..

Invitation for Interview at KNPC – Real or Surreal??

Dear friends,

We have recieved emails from fellow Malaysians in Malaysia who have been offered interview with KNPC in Kuwait. However, the conditions of this interview invitation are:

  1. Option 1 – candidate to pay all the expenses (flight, accomodation etc) themselves and then KNPC will reimburse when the interview is finished.
  2. Option 2 – KNPC will send them the ticket and book the hotel BUT they need to deposit USD520 to an account as a refundable security deposit. This will be refundable after the interview.

It gets more interesting…

  1. The candidate has been asked to credit an account in Public Bank in Malaysia under the name of Jamilah Abu Bakar.
  2. The invitation for the interview was sent via email but there is no name given only the position.
  3. The candidate is called (unindentified call ID) by a person (with Arabic English accent) asking the candidate to credit the money to the account who they claimed to be their representative in Malaysia.

A word of caution..

It is interesting to see that interviews are being sent out via nameless emails asking potential candidates to deposit funds into a Malaysian account for a company in Kuwait. Moreover, KNPC, who is one of the largest company in Kuwait, could only afford an individual as their agent but yet it is not this local agent that call the local candidates….hmm interesting.

From our personal and friends’ experience, employers in the Gulf pays all cost involved in bringing a candidate for an interview which include tickets, accomodation, transport and meals. We have not come accross any employers in the Gulf that have this policy of refundable deposit. Alternatively, there have been instances where employers went to Malaysia for an interview…that has happened.

Last thoughts to ponder….

The invitation for the interview may well be genuine..but with all this, all I can advise on a personal level…  please be cautious...do not credit any refundable deposit to anybody as you might not see that money again….If this is genuine then they will pay to interview you since they want you to work for them. In the words of Chef Skinner in Ratatouille….ALL THIS IS HIGHLY SUSPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!